Official Kinesiotaping provider for the Tri-City Fever from 2006-2008!


Sally T Carr

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Welcome to Changed by Touch Healing Arts!

We are an Alternative Holistic Healing Arts Provider

in the Tri-Cities, Washington


   (509) 554-2256 Richland




            Thanks to All the Wonderful People We Met at the Holistic Living Expo 2012!  We Look Forward to Seeing You Again!             

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New! Group Hypnosis Sessions!

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"...Welcome to CBT Healing Arts!

Our new and exciting

For Life Hypnosis Programs

embrace enhancing the quality

of your life.  Maintaining our

high standards and belief that

client education

is at the crux of success,

we are now offering group hypnosis sessions at an affordable price.

If you are ready to embrace success our programs are

designed just for you!..."


-- Sally T Carr, CHt

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