Neuro-Linguistic Programming:


"...Neuro-linguistic Programming Therapy uses the skills of observation and language to assist clients in making the desired changes in their lives. As a Neuro-linguistic Therapist, my goal is to assist you in achieving your goal. We will spend time together talking, I will listen and elicit the pictures, sounds, textures, emotions that describe your desired outcome..."


Sally T Carr, NLP Master


Sally will explore with you to discover where you are now, and where you wish to be in the future. She will examine the strategy or strategies that you are presently using that are responsible for you falling short of your goal. She will note where the mis-step occurs and will work with you to create a solution. This solution is one that works within the framework of who you are, and enables you to incorporate the aspects of your workable strategy that moves you in the direction of accomplishing your goal. It alters those aspects of your strategy that prevent you from reaching your desired outcome.


With Neuro-linguistic Programming Therapy, Sally recognize mis-steps or miscalculations as naturally occurring feedback. This feedback provides us with the information we need to plot a new course of action. As you incorporate the information collected from the feedbacks we are able to devise another course of action that incorporates the information from the miscalculations to create a workable strategy to achieve the goal you desire.


The first step in achieving a goal, which heretofore appeared out of reach, is to examine the strategy that is currently being used. Sally is adept at noting where it breaks down, and can quickly assist you in creating another strategy that works, utilizing your own inherent resources. You are unique; and in your uniqueness you hold the key to your success.


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

the Richard Bandler, John Grinder Story


Neuro is a Greek work referring to the mind; linguistic refers to language.


Richard Bandler and John Grinder are the co-developers of NLP or neuro-linguistic programming.  They studied language patterns of master therapists such as Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson.  Richard Bandler and John Grinder broke down into more simplistic terms the principles they observed used in the therapeutic setting.  They observed that the words spoken, the syntax and the language were all keys to catapulting clients into creating changes in their lives.


Neuro-linguistic programming has become a highly effective system of encouraging clients and practitioners to work in concert to bring about the desired positive behavioral changes.