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"...Group Sessions are safe, effective and save you money.   Issues that work well in the group setting include:  smoking cessation, weight control, improving studying skills, memory improvement, eliminating test anxiety, stress management, sports improvement, self-hypnosis and pain free childbirth.  Any of these issues also work well in private sessions, but the cost with incentives are also available for individuals choosing group sessions provides even greater savings.  Sometimes as clients go through periods of self discovery following group sessions they schedule private sessions to address deeper issues ..."


– Sally T Carr, CHt, NLP Master Hypnotist


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Group Sessions Available:


Improve Study Habits

Eliminate Test Anxiety

Improve Memory

 Improve Public Speaking

Pain Free Childbirth

Self Hypnosis

Advanced Self Hypnosis


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Why choose a Group Session?


The Great Savings available through group sessions. Lower price and incentives for additional savings.  And now you will save even more with our new Small Groups!


Personal preference for Group Activities - doing something extra with friends.


►  Support system inherent in Groups. You realize you are not alone and there are lots of others who are dealing with similar issues.


►  Groups are especially beneficial when long term life style and behavior changes are addressed. Weight control for life is a good example.


►  For the simple enjoyment of receiving the benefits of going into hypnotic trance, which enhances your ability to release excess tension mentally and physically. Making this choice allows you to save money, while benefiting from positive suggestions for change. Some people enjoy going into hypnosis because of the positive feelings that arise; and group sessions allow anyone to attend without having to explain why.


How many sessions will it take?


If you are attending a group session for weight control and only have 15-20 lbs to lose a single group session may be all you need to assist getting back on track. Even if you choose to do an additional session to enhance the initial changes you have experienced, regarding eating patterns, exercise and sweets, you’ll still be saving money over private sessions.  However, there are times when a private session is more appropriate to facilitate the process of change.  For this reason some people choose to combine private and group sessions to meet their very specific needs.


Unlike cigarettes which you can walk away from following a single session, weight issues revolve around food. You cannot simply walk away from food and develop a healthy life style. While reforming and re-sculpting a new you, which hinges on developing new behaviors that create a positive healthy life style, makes group sessions a perfect choice. Here multiple sessions over a period of time continue to enhance your positive life style changes and support the emerging new you.


For any of the issues like improving study skills, eliminating test anxiety, stress management, improving sports performance, and memory improvement you may find that a single session is all you need, or you may choose to experience more than one session.


Since each session continues to enhance the previous one, clients who come and are only partially committed to change, may choose to repeat a session. A client open and committed to change, regardless of the issue, when they choose to repeat a session or two, find each successive session is even more powerful. This is true for both private and group sessions.


Hypnosis like anything else you do, the more you do it the better it seems to become. That said, it is imperative to note that a single session is all it takes for many types of change to occur. We have designed our programs to enhance your ability to access and create immediate change. The need and choice for more than a single session is entirely up to you!


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