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"...As a Hypnotist certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy,

trained in Ericksonian and Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy,

my goal is to work with each individual

to create a customized therapy session.

During these sessions I  examine the behavior being expressed which you want to change.  I  thoroughly explore your triggers, noting that everyone has different stimulus that prompts them

to act or react in a certain manner..."


Sally T Carr, CHt, NLP Master Hypnotist

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  Hypnotherapy can help you with:


    Weight Control              

      Stress Reduction

        Athletic Performance              

          Pain Control

        Pre & Post Surgery

      Test Anxiety              

    Public Speaking              


And you may also be interested to know it has been found that hypnosis can assist in pre and post surgery in the treatment of breast cancer

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We recognize that even though a behavior may be undesirable there is a motivation behind it which provides some positive benefit, and it is important for you to retain that benefit.  If you are letting go of the old cigarette and nicotine habit but do not have a healthful way of maintaining the experienced positive benefit of relaxation, or feeling good, what commonly occurs is a new undesirable behavior seems to emerge.  For example, constantly snacking, replaces the old behavior of smoking.  This obviously generates a new set of issues that then need to be dealt with and changed.  So our sessions are designed for you to get the best from both worlds, i.e. letting go of the old behavior and feeling pretty darn good about it.


Sally will work with you and assist you in releasing the old behavior without adopting a new undesirable behavior to replace the old one.  Our goal is to specifically note what "flips your switch" and  triggers you to repeat a behavior you wish to change.  We look at, listen to, and get a feeling for how exactly you would like the undesirable behavior to be different.


Although the example above addresses only smoking, many other issues or behavioral changes can benefit from the hypnotic techniques she employs.  What's important to remember is that each private session targets your issue specifically.  Sally examines and addresses the way you respond, feel and interpret the stimulus that triggers the undesired behavior.  Through your guidance, she elicits new responses that are in harmony with your desired result and weaves an induction, custom made for you.


Working together with you, Sally enlists your most resourceful behavior to manifest your goal.  It's your view of the world, your vision of the changes you desire to manifest that she employs.  She works using images and words that resonate with your personal view of the world.  Sally incorporates into your session your positive feelings, thoughts, insights.  Drawing from your life experiences, your dreams, reflecting and mirroring your images of change, based on your sense of touch, sight, sound, taste, or smell, she facilitates manifesting the change you desire.


You already possess the information and resources needed to manifest the changes you desire.  Employing her knowledge and training, Sally assists you in engaging your most inner resourcefulness to accomplish your goal.  Her skills plus her dedication to assisting you in achieving your goal, joined with your own true commitment to change, makes your goal easily attainable.  Through the thorough intake process we may discover places where you may have internal conflict, which, if left unresolved, could sabotage you in achieving your desired outcome.  For this reason the first session is often 1 -2 hours long and the first induction takes only a small portion of that time.


You may wonder how many sessions you will need to accomplish your goal.  The answer is that it depends both on the issue and on you.  Some issues may take longer than others.  What happens with each successive session is: Sally continues to modify the session to meet your specific criteria and "anchors" the change so that the resources you need steadily become more easily accessible to you.  If from session to session, you discover important triggers you had forgotten, she works with that information and modifies the session accordingly; then she assists you in integrating and enhancing the positive changes that embody success in your daily life.


Issues like phobias, depression, anger management, insomnia, chronic pain, cancer, male inorganic impotence and grief are better suited for private sessions.  For treatment with all of these sessions, except for grief, Sally strongly suggests, or may require, a note from your physician or counselor.


Sally believes it is important to have your health care team working together for your greatest good.  She has found that when health care providers are aware of all therapies an individual is participating in it facilitates the healing process, especially when dialogue is encouraged.  Health care providers like to know that progress is being made when patients seek assistance outside traditional modalities.  It also helps the more traditionally minded health care providers understand that non-traditional holistic therapies can and do benefit their patients.  


Sally realizes when you are faced with any serious illness that she is just one member of your Health Care Team.  She recognizes the therapies that she offers are adjunctive therapies and it is important for you to continue making informed decisions, and to have your progress monitored by your physician, counselor, or other health care provider.  


Contact Us for an appointment today.  In the Tri-Cities Sally can be reached at (509) 554-2256.


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