Personal Health & Success Coaching:


"...As a Personal Health and Success Coach, I will utilize the resources available to me through my training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. We will spend time discussing the issues that you are presently experiencing which appear to be limiting your success and/or health. During this time I will look at your perceptions of what is occurring, eliciting your views, thoughts and feelings. I will also listen to the timber of your voice, and notice what you are saying regarding your beliefs regarding your ability to succeed. We will note the successes you have experienced in the past and build upon them, regardless of when they occurred. I believe that having experienced success in any area even once, or vicariously experiencing it through another, you can evoke within yourself the same abilities to succeed..."


– Sally T Carr, NLP Master


It is by aligning your intention with your experiences, real or imagined, that bring about the success you desire.


At age 14, Tara Limpiski won the Women’s National Figure Skating title, and by age 15, she made it to the Olympics. As a younger child she had always dreamed of winning the Gold. When she went out to skate the final time, she focused on having fun and just skated her dream. Rather than focusing on the possibility of mistakes, she simply skated from her heart, what she knew in her body, following the rhythm of the music. She brought forth on the ice a flawless performance. Although she had less experience, she skated her dream, she had fun. And she WON THE GOLD MEDAL!


So it is with Personal Success and Health Coaching – Sally will assist you in defining your intention; she listens to your beliefs, and looks to see whether you are holding internal conflicts that may, if left unresolved, sabotage your goals. By assisting you in recognizing and resolving those inner struggles, you find you are able to empower yourself to achieve the goals you desire.


Through Personal Success and Health Coaching Sally will assist you in empowering yourself. She will encourage you to live your dreams, and create achievable goals. Each goal you set and realize, no matter how small, creates the foundation for you to build continued success. Each aspect of success you embody, propels you to enjoy the pleasure and excitement of renewed success. You learn to view obstacles as skill building tools and minor setbacks provide further feedback to make alterations for continuation and integration, so the future course can be charted and success can again be realized.


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