Find out what others are saying about what Sally has done for them: 


"...It is my distinct pleasure to recommend the results that I have received from Sally Carr at Changed By Touch in Richland. Sally is licensed in a variety of modems, ones of which I have had experience are Matrix, Reiki, Massage, and Brennan Healing Science. The healing that I have had both physically and spiritually have made such a vast difference in my life that it would unthinkable how my life would have been without Sally's talents. She is an exceptional spiritually attuned person and I can think of no better person that would be able to help you in whatever way to better your life..." ---P.C., Yakima, WA

"...I was introduced to Sally by my mom for a massage session that turned into a positive life changing event. I went into Sally's office one day with my mom and we were about 15 maybe 20 minutes into the session when I felt the urge to express what my childhood experiences were with my ex-step-dad. Once I told Sally what had happened to me, I had released my fears, memories and anxieties and I felt better, different. Sally told me she could help me release my emotional connection to my memories by hypnosis. I thought this may actually work, because previously I had tried counseling and it didn't help heal the damage to my mind and soul, it just made me feel like I was reliving the traumatic moments. So I decided to let go and allow Sally to lead me to happiness. Of course I felt nervous but when I allowed myself to let go and move on with Sally's help and dedication I was able to move my thoughts to the back of my mind so it was not in the forefront leading me to fear my life. I'm very grateful for Sally's knowledge, love and compassion to help, she is truly a unique and remarkable individual. I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need to release themselves from emotional "baggage", or even for a fantastic massage, it may lead you to happier place if you let it all go..." 

--- A.B.N., Yakima, WA


"...I have lived in the Tri-Cities, Washington for more than 50 years. I met Sally T. Carr CHT, LMP one day when I called her on the phone. A very nice and friendly voice answered. I was seeking help with weight reduction. From weight problems I went to conversations that lead me to having rewarding talks more than just weight. I was lead into wonderful thoughts that made me realize that I had to get to know and understand myself before I could understand members of my family. The more I understood myself, the better the rapport with the rest of the family whom I dearly love. Thank you Sally for helping me see so many things in the past that needed correction. Made the future much easier..."

--- Anonymous by Request, Richland, WA


"...For your work, I can say that through one of the meditation techniques you taught me over the phone, I was able to deal with and let go of a very deep-seated anger issue..." --- T.W., Colorado


"...I approached Sally T. Carr, CHT, LMP a couple of years ago with an anxiety issue that had bothered me for a lifetime. My particular anxiety stemmed from an overwhelming, irrational fear when asked to speak in a public forum. Interestingly enough, never mattered if the audience was two, twenty, or two-hundred! Although I refused to "give in" to this irrational fear, it certainly made for some interesting and challenging times over the years as I worked my way up the ladder to various management positions. After years of coping with this "issue", seeking medical assistance, taking medications, reading books, seeking religious input, and just plain facing the challenge head on, a close friend asked if I had ever considered hypnosis. I had not, but I was willing to give anything a shot. I only had two sessions with Sally. I can honestly say that the sessions were very intriguing, positive, productive, and resulted in a better understanding of where my lifelong irrational fears stemmed from. Sally taught me through hypnosis how to understand, rationalize, and shrink the power of this fear down to a size that no longer impedes my ability to perform. One thing Sally did not do was promote a long term "treatment plan" requiring weeks, months, or years of hypnotherapy. It was quite the opposite. After two sessions, she indicated that because of my open mind and receptive approach to hypnotherapy, she felt that I had already accomplished what I was seeking! I agreed! Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Sally T. Carr as a true professional in her area of expertise - Hypnotherapy..." ---J.S., West Richland, WA


"...Sally was invaluable in in helping me make it through my introductory phase of learning energy work. Often I would get in too deep, but she'd be there to bail me out; even when she was hundreds of miles away. The first time I needed a distance session was when I accidentally opened up an old hatred I wasn't ready to handle, activating the nerve that innervates the gallbladder, constantly pumping out bile which I kept throwing up. Not. Fun. Not to mention life threatening. Fortunately I got a hold of Sally over the phone, and she was able to deactivate the problem with one of the most powerful energy sessions I've experienced. My whole body was vibrating like a tuning fork struck by some invisible power. She was on vacation back east at the time, but the great distance between us was no impediment to receiving a treatment that saved me from having to go to the ER..."  --- C.D.C., Richland, WA

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