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"...My BBSH training has enhanced my ability to work on the physical and subtle etheric bodies.  I feel blessed to witness physically dramatic or energetically subtle changes.  I consider the transformation which occurs as individuals align themselves with their purpose, gain insights into their process, discover hidden parts of themselves and reclaim their inner light, to be among the greatest miracles possible.  I use higher sense perception (HSP), inner guidance, and guidance from Spirit to help direct the healing work that needs to be done in each session.  It is a deep and sacred honor to have the opportunity to work with you as you move along your own path of self discovery, in a safe and sacred space where that exploration can be allowed to deepen in its own time.  Perhaps our brief time together will be the catalyst for the positive changes you have longed for in your life.  You can affect positive change in your life.  I look forward to supporting your journey of self-discovery, self-reclamation and self-empowerment..."


Sally T Carr, BHSP, NLP Master


The dimension, level, type of healing necessary is based on perception; the perception of both the client and healer.  Your own definition of healing plays an integral part in this process.  If your limb is broken your perception of the necessary healing components should include a qualified medical practitioner.  If you are experiencing emotional turmoil, your therapy should include a qualified therapist.  Your treatment plan may also include practitioners experienced in alternative healing techniques such as energy work, massage therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, which will be used in concert with the traditional modality chosen.


The type of healing that Sally offers as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (BHSP) differs from the more physically based therapies e.g. massage, acupuncture, naturopathic, homeopathic, osteopathic or chiropractic work.  It is more akin to other metaphysical based therapies e.g. Reiki, Frequencies of Brilliance, Therapeutic Touch, Pranic Healing, and EFT, which she is familiar with and has training in as well. Although this work can and does affect the physical body the changes usually occur more rapidly in the more diffuse etheric and emotional bodies and moves down into the denser physical level.  Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy have experienced a marked decrease in the side effects while receiving energy work, before, during and after chemo sessions.  Patients recovering from surgery often heal more rapidly when their healing plan includes energetic work.  Sally admits she has been blessed to be part of healings which appear miraculous in nature, however, she believes she is a facilitator or conduit for this and any healing work.  She admits she immensely enjoys and feels "at home" doing this work, since it is something that has come naturally to her and has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. One day she promises to give a longer more personal glimpse into her life's experiences with energetic work. 


The work as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner is based on the healing work as taught though the Brennan School of Healing.  If you review the Hands of Light or Light Emerging by Barbara Ann Brennan you will receive some understanding of this work. 


The perception of the need for healing may or may not be expressed in physical symptoms.  The perception of the need for healing may exist due to ones on going discomfort and feeling of inability to bring about the changes in their life they long to manifest.  For some, the healing process may include addressing a burning desire to feel and know themselves or to connect with the Divine in a deeply personal way.


The healing that occurs during the energetic healing process varies from person to person and session to session.  Some people experience profound physical, visual or visceral sensations.  Others experience sessions simply as profound moments of calm and slip into deep restful healing sleep.  Some notice changes in their lives immediately, others note subtle but profound changes occurring through time.


The way in which the healing occurs and is experienced is a profoundly personal matter.  The places you feel the need to bring healing into your life may change as you become more aware of your personal process and open yourself to your inner evolution and enlightenment.


Brennan Healing Science work works on many levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Sometimes the healings occur as mini-procedures that have no meaning for people who are as yet untrained in the Brennan Healing Science Modalities. The type of healing work that is decided upon is done following an intake/interview and a dialoguing with the client.  Brennan Healing Science work is done both in the office, and as distance healing work.   


Here Sally explains a few experiences in her own words:

"...It's easy to feel energy.  It may seem a joke, but it's real; that's what happens with acupressure and other healing modalities as well.  When you allow yourself to become fine tuned to the movement of energy you can feel it.  You may see it.  It is definitely real.  It's exciting that Kirlian Photography has demonstrated the existence of the aura or energetic field surrounding the body.  As this becomes more well known, then perhaps the acceptance of this natural phenomena of energetic healing will become more readily accepted.  We are all bio-magnetic electric energetic beings which means we each consist of bio-magnetic electric energy.  Western scientists are now able to acknowledge the existence of meridians because they have found a way to "measure" the movement of energy following treatments.  There are many resources available now that talk about energetic work so I won't spend much time here describing the essence of these modalities.    


"...As a child you probably played with magnets and found that one magnet can have an astounding impact on another.  When one is stronger, or if the polarity of the magnetic poles is reversed, you can see magnets push each other around.  Well, energetic work is not so very different than this.  You are impacting the bio-magnetic energetic body of the individual you work with, so if there is a need to draw off excess or congested energy, that's what you do; if you need to move more energy into an area then you increase the magnetic push in that area.  When that happens, just like in acupressure or acupuncture, you see, or experience an energetic shift or change in the field, which is experienced at some point in time in the body itself.  Working with people doing energetic work is richly rewarding work.  Sometimes the shifts appear to be quite subtle, yet, you can have astounding impacts. 


"...During one of my sessions a client had issues with her mother, and there had been many, many years of miscommunication and misunderstanding piling up.  I contracted to do a long distance healing with the client, and the client's mother.  Since it was the client and her issues that were being dealt with the mother on the physical plane was not contacted.  During the healing many wonderful things were revealed, and cord work between the mother and daughter was done.  .... Following the healing, as all clients are informed to do, the daughter (client) was taking time to integrate the work.  She was feeling many things.  Many things had no words, just a newness and an unsettling feeling because something quite profound had occurred, yet there were no words to explain, and her need was simply to "be with herself".  As she was taking time to integrate this work, her mother called and was wondering about the daughter.  Earlier during the day she (the mother) had had some "awakenings" and she wanted to share them with her daughter.  Her new insights went into their past relationship.  She was ready and desired to make their relationship anew.  At that particular moment in time, the daughter was still integrating the work for herself, and she told her mother that she knew in this moment only that she needed some time and space, and she claimed that space for herself then and there.  Much has transpired since then, but the work allowed the daughter to claim time and space for herself, and an eventual reconciliation.  Obviously, it allowed the mother insights as well.  .... Is this always the case?  No. 


"...Another client had been in a long term self-destructive relationship for over 30 years.  The relationship was with someone she knew was not good for her, yet she seemed unable to break the connection.  After setting a time and date, I again did another distance healing.  This time to help bring this relationship to closure.  .... Some 3 months following the healing, the client contacted me to tell me she couldn't believe how powerful this work really was.  After the healing once again she was finding herself facing the prospect of keeping company with her former lover, who for over 30 years she had been unable to refuse, even though she knew the relationship and all the trappings were unhealthy for her.  This time, however, this time, she saw clearly, in the moment, and she was able to turn him away and to make the declaration of her independence from him.  To this day she has been free of that old unhealthy relationship and has welcomed healthier, relationships in many areas of her life.  .... Such is the nature of this healing work.   


"...Another client came into the office because she had terrible back pain.  She had had back surgery and things only seemed to be getting worse.  She was sad and depressed because she was unable to move or do much of anything without pain.  We contracted to do a series of healings.  During these healings many changes occurred.  Old past issues that needed to be faced came to the fore, and they were addressed.  Guidance was given to do energetic restructuring of the uterus and ovaries which had been surgically removed years before.  Other traumas were addressed through the energetic work.  This particular client had lost a child, as well as her uterus and ovaries years before.  The guidance came for a cord healing to be done between the spirit of the unborn child, the physician, the client, and others who were present at the time.  ... Following this particular healing, the client revealed that her relationship with her husband which was good, opened even further and they came even more deeply into communion with one another, and their mutual experience of their love escalated.  ... with each successive healing more changes occurred on the physical and emotional plane, so that eventually by the end of the 10th healing, the client was pain free.  She had more energy, more vitality, more enthusiasm for life than before.   And it appeared that the relationship between her and all her family members also grew. ... Now this particular client, was uncomfortable with sharing about the work she received.  She wanted to tell the world and yet she was afraid the world would believe her crazy.  ... Such is the nature of the work...  some will tell ... others are able to receive what they came for but are as yet unable to speak.  So it is.  Nevertheless, they have received just what they needed and I rejoice with each of them.


"...One of my clients, a person near and dear to me, had cancer and the chemotherapy was making her quite ill.  We scheduled healings prior to and following each treatment so that she could more easily receive the chemotherapy.  I spoke with her husband and checked to see what physical signs she was showing besides the usual from the chemotherapy, and he would give me the details.  One time the gums and lips were splitting making it difficult for her to eat, and this was added to the frustration of undergoing chemo-  During the process of the work, this lovely client told me she hadn't realized how depressed she had been while undergoing the chemo, until the healings had begun.  It was the absence of the heavy depression that brought awareness to its lifting.  The nausea, vomiting and hair loss had stopped.  ... She was certain the distance healings were working.  Then one month went by and I hadn't heard.  Since this client was near and dear to me personally, I called; only to be told she was sicker than she had been in quite a while.  The week prior to my call, she had undergone the daily chemo- regiment for an entire week.   We agreed that since the distance healings were working, we would continue them.  She was comfortable continuing them only while doing the chemo. ...  This was her choice.  It is always the choice of the individual to seek and receive what they are ready to receive.


"...So this is to tell you that the energetic work I do takes many forms.  Some of the work is done as distance healings.  Distance healings are no less profound than healings done in the office.  I understand that the concept of energetic work can make people uncomfortable, and that's OK too.  I am not here to make you do or choose to receive anything you are not ready for.  I am here simply to let you know that this is another area of healing that is available..."

Whether you experience the need for healing in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels, Sally is here to support you. 


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