Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner and Study Group Leader, Sally T Carr:


"...This form of energetic work is different.   M.E. as taught by Richard Bartlett, author of the book Matrix Energetics, opens you to new possibilities.  As these possibilities unfold, changes in consciousness arise.  Whether subtle or dramatic, shifts occur; and the mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects of your being benefit.  Although all these bodies are one, our human perception which identifies itself with duality and separation, creates the perception of distinction where no distinction exists.  I invite you to experience Matrix Energetics with me."


– Sally T Carr

MatrixLogo Matrix Energetics is a consciousness technology available to all, that opens the door to unlimited possibilities.

At first glance, Matrix Energetics seems to be based on principles of quantum physics; and yet appears to go beyond these limiting concepts.


Richard Bartlett Demonstrating and Explaining Matrix Energetics


Parameters which occur through the act of definition create limitations.  If, as quantum physics suggests, thought creates matter, and if matter can be defined as light and information, then interacting with light formations opens the possibility of creating change by the mere act of connecting.  A simplistic example might be slipping your hand into still water; the water responds by moving, that movement reflects a change.  A drop of water on the still pond also creates another kind of change as the ripples demonstrate.  Or, look at the particles of dust filtered through light; what occurs when you consciously slip your hand into the light and dust, and move the air.  As you watch the particles of dust, light, and air change their relationship because you have connected to what was, it becomes something different.  As simplistic as this example appears, the Matrix Energetics system somehow takes it even further, and you step into a space where changes subtle and profound occur.


It seems that although Matrix Energetics appears to be working with subtle energies, it creates profound change by engaging the power of intention to connect in whatever way allows unlimited possibilities to occur.  If all form is nothing but light and information, Matrix Energetics seems to direct you as light and information to connect to the light information that is the other, and somewhere in that connection magic occurs, and individuals shift within themselves.  Matrix Energetics seems to open the individual to new possibilities as these possibilities occur, changes may occur in consciousness, in personal power, and in the physical body.  Some of these shifts appear to be subtle, some appear as dramatic physical changes, others occur within emotional and spiritual bodies.  Although all these bodies are one, our human perception which identifies itself with duality and separation creates distinction where no distinction exists.  Matrix Energetics reinforces the realization of the oneness of all; perhaps that is why one is able to connect and easily to the other.


Sally invites you to come in to experience Matrix Energetics with her!  "...As a Matrix Practitioner, I offer private sessions. These sessions take place either in the office or they are scheduled as long distance sessions. The only difference between theses two types sessions is merely the physical proximity in the 3D perception of client and practitioner. Within the quantum physics world view of reality, time - space is an illusion and does not exist. I have known this for decades and have had worked with this aspect of reality for over 30 years. So it is that clients who have long distance sessions are able to experience a wide array of physiological experiences, just as those who are in the office. Whether or not you, the client, experience a seemingly dramatic, immediate physiological response, has little bearing on the actual outcome. Although the dramatic can add to the “fun” of the session, there are times when the more subtle appears more powerful. Remember perception can be a powerful facilitator that colors, tempers and opens us to worlds of possibility..."


Sometimes results appear in gentle subtle ways, when this occurs it seems to allow the individual receiving a session time to integrate the shifts. Clients may also experience immediate subtle shifts which appear to have profound immediate results. And some clients, experience dramatic physiological shifts, both in and out of the office. Regardless of your way of perceiving change, shifts can and, do occur. Do you wish to experience the potential of shifting your reality, and consider where or what might you like to begin experiencing differently? then Contact Us for an appointment to help get you on your way! 


Let us know what times and dates work best for you and we’ll make a date to co-create! In the Tri-Cities Sally can be reached at (509) 554-2256.


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Have you attended a Matrix Seminar? Are you looking for a Study Group?

"...As a Study Group Leader, I facilitate gatherings of individuals who have already attended at least one Matrix Energetics seminar. These groups are designed to reinforce the atmosphere of playfulness, that supports the growth of Matrix Energetics participants. By embracing a more lighthearted approach to practicing concepts introduced in the seminars participants are encouraged to explore using this modality, without judgment, in all areas of their lives. Participants also find by using these skills their Matrix experience expands. If you have attended at least one Matrix Energetics Seminar you are welcome to attend..."

Please contact Sally for details on the next Study Group via phone at (509) 554-2256 please leave a message if phone goes to voicemail, or e-mail her.

Note: When Sally is in session, she is totally present with her client for the entire session and does not answer the phone.  She will call you back; just leave your name, number, and a brief message.