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 We think You'll Agree The Coronavirus Limitations on Business  
Have been Wide-Ranging and Have Forced Us To Do Things 
We Would Have Never Imagined Only a Year Ago!
But We See Hope On The Horizon For Life To Return to a
More Normal (Unmasked) Future in the Next Several Months!
Sally Is Accepting Hypnosis, Coaching & Related Work via Skype & Zoom.
So, Hang In There!  We Know This Has Been a Difficult Time.
We're Looking Forward To Seeing You In The Office Again
For a Safe, Relaxing Experience!

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     Worried About Coronavirus?  See Information Below!           

CBT Healing Arts is an Alternative Holistic Healing Practice dedicated to serving all those who come, where listening skills, technical know-how, compassion and intuition provide the foundation for providing you the outcome you desire in a safe, relaxed atmosphere.
While you're here, Sally is totally focused on you.
  You're taught skills and shown resources which focus on your goals.

Worried About Coronavirus (Covid-19)? 
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We Will be Including a Blog in the Near Future.  Please Check Back Later.