Gift Certificate Assistance



           HELP!!  How Much Should I Make It For???

Wondering how much to make the Gift Certificate out for?  Of course, you are free to make it out for as much as you like; anything not used will simply be credited.  Here are some suggested amounts:


Private Hypnosis:  Call For Pricing
One Hour Massage:  $75
Half Hour Massage:  $45
Kinesiotaping:  Price Begins at $35
Other Modalities:  Call For Pricing

    Send To Who???

You may request us to send the Gift Certificate directly to the recipient, or you may want us to send it to you.  Whichever you decide, it will not affect the price; we mail the Gift Certificates free of charge.  You should make allowance for the mailing time, which can be from two to five days.  Of course, you can also arrange to drop by one of our offices to pick it up.  If you choose to drop by, Please Call ahead so we can be sure to be available and not in session!

    Send To Address???

The Send To address information will depend on whether you want the Gift Certificate sent to you, the recipient, or whether you will drop by and pick it up.  If you are dropping by to pick up your Gift Certificate, you may leave those fields blank!

    Personalized Message To The Recipient???

The personalized message can be as unique as you are!  Adding a Personalized Message is a great way to help make your Gift Certificate distinctive!  Keep in mind we only have a single line to put the message on, so we'd appreciate keeping it to a single line.

    Add To Shopping Cart / View Shopping Cart???

Once you complete your Gift Certificate you will be transferred to our Secure Payment Portal.  Rest assured that it is completely safe and secure.

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